The Power of Fire

A source of light and a beacon in the dark, protection from critters in the great outdoors, warmth for our homes or bodies, and heat for cooking our food; these are all positive aspects of fire that we most commonly think of, while the negative is destruction. We can use fire in war to damage our “enemies” and, in the dry summers, we can see it rage in it’s wildness, burning through neighborhoods, forests, and prairies alike.

Yet even in it’s destruction, fire offers us the chance for renewal. Think of the forest fire. As it burns through existing trees and undergrowth, it makes room for new life to grow and returns nutrients to the soil to feed that new life. It awakens the seeds lying dormant and buried in the ground.

Now think about your own life and well-being. What seeds are lying dormant and buried within you? Are there parts of your life that have grown stagnant and are ready to be released or transformed? Where do you feel the need for renewal inside of yourself?

Take a few minutes to make a list of these things – what you are ready to let go of in your life, what you would like to heal and change for the better, as well as what you would like to create and what dreams you are ready to give life to. Write down the first things that come to mind and then read this list out loud to yourself or to a loved one. Then, when you’re ready, throw the list into a fireplace, your backyard pit, or summer campfire, while asking for a blessing from above.

This is a symbolic act. With positive intention and the energy of your faith and action steps behind it, you are allowing the fire to metaphorically consume that which is no longer serving you, and to make room within in your life for the new. The ashes of the old will serve as fuel for the new. This act opens the energetic doorway for positive change and renewal within yourself and your life.

Pay attention to your own inner voice and guidance over the next few days. You’ll likely realize what action steps you need to take, what support you may need to seek out, and what changes you may need to make inside yourself in order to create the change that you desire and, to not only wake up the heart-felt dreams and passions within you, but to make them a reality within your life.

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