Available Through Friday, March 1st Only

It was wonderful to see you at Thrive CommUnity Acupuncture & Massage! I’m delighted that you’re here and invite you to continue integrating your light shadow and embracing your whole self so that you can show up more fully and freely within your life.

To support you in this process and to thank you for attending the Be Your Own Sweetheart event, I’d like to gift you with a very special price for a 60-Minute Intuitive Energy Wellness Session* with me. These sessions are normally $150 but because you came to the event and are committed to continuing your work, I’d like to offer a session to you for just $97!

This gift is only available to those who attended the Thrive event and is only available through Friday, March 1st. Sessions can be scheduled at my office in Westminster or remotely through Zoom or by phone. Whether you are a new client or a returning client, simply click on the appropriate scheduling link below.

*To learn more about an Intuitive Energy Wellness session, please scroll down.

Thrive Sweetheart Special

When scheduling your appointment, please be sure to select the correct button to the right for either a New or Returning Client. You will then be able to choose either a remote session (by Zoom or phone) or an in-person session (at my office in Westminster, CO) as well as the date and time of your appointment.

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60-Minute Intuitive Energy Wellness Session

Save over $50!

Save over $50 with the Thrive Sweetheart Special!

60-Minute Intuitive Energy Wellness Sessions are regularly $150.

This special gift is only available through March 1st. 

Intuitive Energy Wellness

Everything in life is energy. Even our thoughts, words, actions, feelings and physical bodies are energy. When we are in a place of health and wellness, our energies flow smoothly and easily. When we are stressed, under pressure, feeling under the weather, facing emotional trauma, or repeating negative patterns in our lives, our energies can become blocked, stagnant or misaligned creating greater discomfort or dis-ease.

During an intuitive energy wellness session, Renee creates a safe and comfortable environment for her clients. Following her higher guidance, she employs a combination of energy healing modalities (Soul of You, Reiki, drumming, and more) to shift and transform any imbalances within your energy body (aura, meridians and chakras). She often intuits and shares guidance or messages that are deeply meaningful and may profoundly impact how you are viewing your current circumstances. These intuitive messages and energy shifts aid in releasing stuck energies, regaining your inner peace, rebalancing your inner compass, and reconnecting with your heart. In short, they allow you to feel your very best on all levels.

Throughout a session, you may feel warmth, a cooling sensation, soft waves or vibrations moving through your body. Many people enjoy conversing throughout their session, but some fall asleep or relax into a meditative state. While not considered a replacement for medical care, these sessions are a wonderful compliment to Western medicine and traditional therapies. The results achieved during a session depend on your unique situation and readiness. Most clients have deeper experiences with consecutive sessions; yet some have experienced profound results from a single appointment.

Intuitive energy wellness sessions may be facilitated remotely or in person. All sessions are customized and tailored to your individual needs.

*Please note that any appointment changes or cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance of your appointment time or you will be charged the full fee for your session. Thank you for your understanding.


“I have had many excellent sessions with Renee over the past seven+ years. The insights and care I have received are AMAZING! I have known many gifted people throughout my life and Renee is one of the very best caregivers I know. I trust her so much that I brought both my adult daughters and numerous friends to her as well.”

– Jennifer McBride, Colorado –

“Thanks for sharing your amazing talents with me. After meeting with you I feel I can tackle the goals ahead of me this year. I also feel at peace with decisions I have made in the past. Huge thanks!”

– Christina Brickley, Colorado –


  • Promotes relaxation, better sleep and well-being
  • Reduces tension, stress, and feelings of overwhelm
  • Clears and balances energy centers and body
  • Aids in preparation and recovery from childbirth, dental, and medical procedures
  • Supports the immune system and the body’s ability to self-heal
  • Encourages inner grown and self-expansion
  • Provides intuitive guidance and greater clarity